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Dog Allergy Guide: Tips for a Happier, Healthier Pup

While many people love spring and summer because of the warmer weather, many people also dread having to deal with seasonal allergies. Many of us are affected by sneezing, coughing [...]

Summer Safety: Keeping Your Dog Safe from Toxic Foods

One of everyone’s favorite summer activities is a good barbeque or picnic. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends and a fun time for your [...]

Feature Focus: The Lazy Fox and Curious Racoon

The ROCT Outdoor Lazy Fox and Curious Racoon Unstuffed Dog Toys Introducing two awesome additions to your dog's playtime: the Lazy Fox and the Curious Raccoon dog toys. These unique [...]

Feature Focus: Cascade Line – Fishing Lures & Fishing Flies

Embracing Tradition: The Iconic “Fishing Opener” in Minnesota “Fishing Opener” is a celebrated, iconic event in Minnesota each spring.  This weekend’s “Opener” makes us nostalgic for simpler times of taking […]

ROCT Outdoor Featured in Plymouth Magazine

A high school project pivots into a successful outdoor dog gear company. Entrepreneurship, a course offered at Plymouth’s Wayzata High School, focuses on teaching students the necessary steps to launch […]

Feature Focus: Daisy Chain Dog Collar and Leash

The New ROCT Outdoor Daisy Chain Dog Collar and Leash What better way to celebrate spring than to outfit your pup with a fresh, new, daisy-patterned collar and leash?  The [...]

Feature Focus: Fish Dog Toys

The New ROCT Outdoor Fish Dog Toys As the spring fishing season begins, it’s the perfect time to hook your furry friends up with the latest in canine entertainment.  ROCT [...]

Feature Focus: Trailhead Dog Leash

The ROCT Outdoor Trailhead Dog Leash - Level Up Your Dog Walking Game Heel Handle to the Rescue! Experience the joy of stress-free walks with the Trailhead Padded Dog Leash [...]

Feature Focus: Upland Field Dog Collar & Leash

Upland Field Dog Collar & Leash: Offered with Reflective Band, or without Tailor-Made Fit for Your Dog Check out ROCT Outdoor’s Upland Field Reflective Collar and Leash – a game-changer [...]

Feature Focus: Holiday Dog Toy Collection

Introducing ROCT Outdoors Holiday Dog Toy Collection This holiday season, treat your best pet pal to a festive array of dog toys designed to bring joy and plenty of entertainment. [...]

Feature Focus: FUNscriptions for small or big dogs

Introducing ROCT Outdoors FUNscriptions Finally, a subscription program you actually need and want, providing value with every dog toy received every time. Welcome to ROCT Outdoors FUNscriptions, now offered in [...]

Feature Focus: St. Croix Collection of Dog Collars & Leashes

The St. Croix Collection of Dog Collars & Leashes sits firmly at the crossroads of tradition, fashion, and function.  It proves the old axiom true; sometimes “less is more.”  Featuring [...]

A Dog and a Stick: a Tale as Old as Time

True happiness can be found in many places, however one place it is always found is in the bond shared between a dog and a stick. No matter the size, […]

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