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Feature Focus: Holiday Dog Toy Collection

Holiday Dog Toys

Introducing ROCT Outdoors Holiday Dog Toy Collection

This holiday season, treat your best pet pal to a festive array of dog toys designed to bring joy and plenty of entertainment.


The Lucky Pickle

The ROCT Outdoor Holiday Dog Toy Collection features The Lucky Pickle, a whimsical headliner to the lineup, who combines durability with an irresistible squeaker, and movable rope arms and legs for hours of interactive play. Crafted to withstand enthusiastic chewing, this toy ensures that your canine companion stays engaged and satisfied.

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear toy adds a touch of winter magic to playtime, featuring varied textures that captivate your dog’s attention and provide mental stimulation. Its built-in squeaker enhances the fun, making it a delightful holiday companion for your four-legged family member.

Holiday Polar Bear
Santa Toss Lined Toy

The Santa Toss

For a dose of holiday cheer, the Santa Toss toy promises playful intervals of fetch and frolic. Designed with hardiness in mind, it can withstand the zeal of energetic dogs while the squeaker adds an extra element of excitement.

The Winter Rope Frisbee

Rounding out the holiday compilation, the Rope Frisbee toy takes canine play to new heights, combining the thrill of a frisbee with the durability of a rope toy. Its different textures engage your dog’s senses, promoting mental sharpness during play.

Winter Frisbee

Go beyond the ordinary and gift your pup with toys that not only endure the excitement of play but also provide a multisensory experience. These holiday dog toys are sure to make tails wag with festive delight and are perfect for stuffing the stocking.

ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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