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Feature Focus: St. Croix Collection of Dog Collars & Leashes

Dog wearing St. Croix collar

The St. Croix Collection of Dog Collars & Leashes sits firmly at the crossroads of tradition, fashion, and function.  It proves the old axiom true; sometimes “less is more.”  Featuring solid brass hardware and premium webbing, this collection has the creds to look at home on the hiking trail or on the patio of your favorite sidewalk café.

Dog wearing St. Croix collar

About the Collection

This Collection features solid brass hardware which creates a rugged beauty and robust strength that will inspire you in your daily adventures.  The hardware is durable – an inherent quality of the material from which it is made.  Bottomline, no worries about the strength when your pup makes a sudden dash after a bevy of pheasants. Additionally, brass is corrosion-resistant; it can withstand exposure to moisture, sweat, and outdoor elements without rusting or deteriorating.

The premium webbing of the St. Croix Collection will withstand your dog’s adventures with ease.  Dogs are active! They pull, rub on rough surfaces, play with each other, and scratch their necks with their claws.  This higher GSM* webbing is denser, more durable and able to withstand the wear & tear of an adventurous dog.

Only the Best for your Dogs

The St. Croix Dog Collar & Leash will provide the highest level of durability, comfort and style while tolerating the tough conditions of your dog’s best day in town or country.

*GSM – “grams per meter” – the higher the GSM, the denser the material and the better the quality.

Dog wearing St. Croix collar
ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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