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Feature Focus: Fish Dog Toys

trio of fish dog toys on a dock

The New ROCT Outdoor Fish Dog Toys

As the spring fishing season begins, it’s the perfect time to hook your furry friends up with the latest in canine entertainment.  ROCT Outdoor is launching a new line of fish-themed dog toys, designed to splash a wave of fun into your dog’s playtime routine.


Our new Sunfish Dog Toy is a vibrant and aquatic-themed addition designed to captivate your dog’s attention and stimulate their mind. Its bright colors and durable design not only make it a visually appealing catch for your pet but also a lasting companion for their adventures, featuring varied textures and a squeaker that guarantees interactive playtime fun.

Fighting Bass dog toy lifestyle

Fighting Bass

The Fighting Bass Dog Toy brings the thrill of the catch directly to your dog’s paws, incorporating eye-catching vibrant colors and engaging varied textures. The built-in squeaker and crinkle paper inlay ensure your dog reels in hours of fun, making it another perfect choice for interactive play.

Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow Trout Dog Toy mirrors the vibrant beauty of its namesake. This toy dazzles with a spectrum of bright colors and provides sensory delight with a unique water bottle squeaker, promising endless hours of engaging and interactive play for your dog.

Rainbow Trout dog toy lifestyle

ROCT Outdoor’s new Fish Dog Toys offer a diverse and exciting range of options for your pet, ensuring they remain engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated.

ROCT Dog by lake
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