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Feature Focus: FUNscriptions for small or big dogs

FUNscription logo with a dog holding a duck shaped toy

Introducing ROCT Outdoors FUNscriptions

Finally, a subscription program you actually need and want, providing value with every dog toy received every time. Welcome to ROCT Outdoors FUNscriptions, now offered in 6- and 12-month delivery options for you and your dog.

A dog chewing on a red rubber baton dog toy, which is included in subscriptions

The Importance of Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Dogs crave mental stimulation, and they WILL find entertainment on their own if it is not provided for them. Regular exercise and interactive play are great ways to expend your dog’s energy and helps them fight off symptoms of anxiety keeping them happy and healthy. By joining ROCT Outdoors FUNscription you are ensured that interactive play with your dog stays fresh and engaging all year long.

Monthly Joy with ROCT Outdoor’s FUNscription

ROCT Outdoor’s FUNscription delivers one of our top selling dog toys to your mailbox every month, providing endless amounts of fun for you and your canine. With FREE SHIPPING included and savings of 10 – 15%, these plans provide the best value possible. Additionally, we have curated our selections for Small Dogs and Big Dogs – ensuring you receive the best toys for your dog’s size. However, keep in mind that some small dogs like to “fight their own weight,” i.e. they like the big toys!

A child holds an Alligator dog toy out to a brown and white dog.

“I would recommend these toys for everyone who loves their pets.” – verified ROCT customer

FUNscription Benefits

  • 10 – 15% savings
  • New toy monthly to keep entertainment fresh
  • Variety! Natural Rubber, Unstuffed Crinkle and Durable Stuffed Dog Toys are included
A small dog cuddles with a raccoon dog toy, which is part of ROCT FUNscription subscriptions
ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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