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Feature Focus: Upland Field Dog Collar & Leash

Upland Field reflective collars

Upland Field Dog Collar & Leash: Offered with Reflective Band, or without

Tailor-Made Fit for Your Dog

Check out ROCT Outdoor’s Upland Field Reflective Collar and Leash – a game-changer for dog owners who demand durability, convenience, and safety in their dog gear. Made with a material that can be cut-to-fit any size, our Upland Field collars are tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit on your companion.

Upland Field Collar
Upland Field Collar

Adventure-Ready Quality

Crafted with quality materials, this line is water, odor, and mud proof, ensuring that your dog’s adventurous spirit doesn’t compromise cleanliness or comfort. The reflective band, a standout feature, has undergone rigorous quality testing proving its resilience against the extreme temperature fluctuations typical of Minnesota’s harsh winters and humid summers.  This allows for enhanced visibility and safety for your dog, whether you’re navigating busy streets or secluded trails.

Convenient Features for Easy Handling

The collar’s large O-ring is another thoughtful addition, simplifying the leashing process.  Furthermore, the leash’s perfect “grab n’ go” length of 3.5 ft allows for optimal control while its compact size makes it ideal for when you’re in the blind, on the trail, or for simply keeping in your pick-up truck.  The Upland Field Reflective Leash neatly fits into compact spaces, ensuring easy storage and immediate accessibility in all scenarios.

Upland Field Reflective Leashes
Upland Field Reflective Leashes

Invest in Safety and Style

The Upland Field Reflective Collar and Leash aren’t just a purchase, it’s an investment in your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.  Embrace the blend of functionality and style offered through the Upland Field Line – a must-have for the modern, active dog owner.

ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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