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Feature Focus: The Lazy Fox and Curious Racoon

Dog with racoon toy

The ROCT Outdoor Lazy Fox and Curious Racoon Unstuffed Dog Toys

Introducing two awesome additions to your dog’s playtime: the Lazy Fox and the Curious Raccoon dog toys. These unique toys are designed to provide endless entertainment and are sure to become your dog’s new favorites!

The Lazy Fox

The Lazy Fox Dog Toy features a visually appealing design, with loud crinkle paper inside that captures your dog’s attention and provides essential mental stimulation. This blend of visual appeal, interactive fun, and practical design makes the Lazy Fox an irresistible choice for any playful pup.

Lazy Fox
Curious Racoon unstuffed toy

The Curious Racoon

On the other hand, the Curious Raccoon Dog Toy brings its own flair with a vibrant and mischievous design. The crinkle paper inside adds an extra layer of excitement, making playtime even more engaging for your dog.

Both the Lazy Fox and the Curious Raccoon are crafted for interactive play, encouraging your dog to pounce, shake, and play to their heart’s content. By combining fun, mental stimulation, and visual appeal, both the Curious Raccoon and the Lazy Fox will keep your dog entertained and happy all summer long.

ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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