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Feature Focus: Cascade Line – Fishing Lures & Fishing Flies

Feature Focus Cascade Line - Fishing Lures & Fishing Flies Dog Collars and Leashes

Embracing Tradition: The Iconic “Fishing Opener” in Minnesota

“Fishing Opener” is a celebrated, iconic event in Minnesota each spring.  This weekend’s “Opener” makes us nostalgic for simpler times of taking out the iconic old Lund fishing boat, a bucket of worms dug up from the back yard and a couple of hooks.  After spending the day on the lake, we made our way to the fish-cleaning house.  Every Minnesota cabin and resort had one back then and they all smelled the same – really really bad.

ROCT Outdoor Cascade Dog Collar - Fishing FliesHonoring Memories: Introducing the Cascade Line for Fishing Enthusiasts

To celebrate those simpler times and our deep love/hate/frustration with fishing, this month we are featuring out Cascade Line of dog collars and leashes in Fishing Lures and Fishing Flies.  Custom designed to relive fishing memories on the lake or on the stream with bright colors and bold patterns.

Style Meets Functionality: The Fishing-Themed Dog Collar and Leash

The dog collar is eye catching with bright colored lures and flies that are smartly designed on a dark gray background…because we all know that owning a dog is a dirty job!  The leash provides either 4 or 6 feet of the fun fishing pattern depending on your walking style with your pup.

ROCT Outdoor Cascade Dog Leash - Fishing FliesThe Perfect Gift: Celebrating Father’s Day with Fishing-Inspired Accessories

The Fishing Lures and Fishing Flies dog collar and leash are the perfect gift for the man of the household and his best friend as we celebrate Father’s Day next month.  Shopping made easy with ROCT Outdoor!  Enjoy, and we hope the fish are bitin’!

ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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