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CAUTION / Safety First

Before use of ROCT Outdoor AirFLOW Mesh Hammocks it is the customer’s responsibility to understand all safety instructions below.

  • Accidents do happen, using a hammock carries an inherent risk
  • Please use hammock with caution
  • Inspect hammock and straps before each use
  • Hammocks are not to be hung more than 18” off the ground
  • Ensure straps are securely anchored to healthy trees or braces that can safely support weight of occupants
  • Keep sharp objects out of the hammock
  • Clear area below hammock of debris
  • Do not allow children to use unattended
  • Do not jump or swing on the hammock
  • ROCT Outdoor 3-N-1 AirFLOW Mesh and Nylon Hammocks are intended to be used separately or as one combined unit. If used separately they should be hung using different trees or braces. They are not meant to be individually hung and stacked vertically, on the same trees, for use by two separate individuals.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to understand all set-up instructions. Click Here for set-up instructions.
ROCT Dog by lake
Roct Hammocks in bag
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