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Yearly FUNscription for your SMALL Dog!

Finally, a subscription box you actually need and want, every box, every time.  Welcome to ROCT Outdoor’s Yearly FUNscription!

Every month a new dog toy will be delivered to your mailbox for fun and entertainment for you and your canine sidekick! We have curated the best selection and rotation of our smaller dog toys for your pup. To make it an even better value, FUNscriptions include FREE SHIPPING!

Dogs crave mental stimulation for their well-being. Any dog owner knows, they WILL find entertainment on their own if it is not provided for them!  Subscribe to ROCT’s FUNscription service today to ensure your dog stays happy, curious, and entertained all year long.

You and your pup will receive 2 Natural Rubber Toys, 1 Holiday-Themed Toy, 2 Unstuffed Crinkle Toys, 1 Frisbee and 6 Durable Lined Stuffed Toys.


  • 15% Savings!
  • 12 ROCT Outdoor Dog Toys
  • A new toy each month to keep the entertainment fresh
  • Variety! Your pup will receive four kinds of toys in seasonally appropriate months

Original price was: $170.88.Current price is: $144.99.


Curated specifically for smaller dogs, our FUNscription is the perfect gift for the new dog owner or for your own pup. Our toys will help your dog stay happy, curious and entertained all year long. The monthly rotation of entertaining dog toys are listed below. Want details about a particular toy? Click for more info!

DOG SAFETY: Please read for your dog’s safety – we care about your dog! All ROCT Outdoor Dog Toys are for INTERACTIVE play between you and your dog. DO NOT leave dog unattended with any toy or allow dog to ingest any part.  Replace if damaged. Not intended for children.
January Comic Dachshund Lined Dog Toy
February  Crazy Croc Natural Rubber Dog Toy
March Winter Frisbee Dog Toy
April Cunning Shark Lined Dog Toy
May Tri-Wing Boomerang Lined Dog Toy
June Curious Raccoon Dog Toy
July Sunfish Lined Dog Toy
August Rope n’ Ball Dog Toy
September Sport Ball Natural Rubber Dog Toy
October Polar Bear Lined Dog Toy
November Lazy Fox Unstuffed Crinkle Dog Toy
December Santa Toss Lined Dog Toy

Subscription: 15% off!

First Dog Toy will arrive the month of the purchase or the following month, depending on timing. Subsequent Toys will arrive, 1 each month, for remainder of the year. ROCT Outdoor reserves the right to replace any of the above toys with a toy of equal or greater value when necessary. In above grid, toys are not to scale.



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